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      DBA 4000 Series HD Variant:

      DBA’s 4000 Series HD variant features a smooth OE style rotor finish, popular for drivers looking for the benefits of a 4000 Series rotor but requiring an OE style look, such as under controlled race divisions.

      These brake rotors are designed for hard working vehicles. Packed with performance enhanced features normally found on the race-track, the HD rotor is a natural fit for extreme environments.


      • Front and Rear discs are different - please select the correct disc when ordering.
      • Discs are sold individually, For a pair please order 2.
      • 4000 Series HD part numbers are not denoted by any part number suffix.


      Direct replacement suitability.
      Moisture proof corrosion protection packaging.
      XG150 High Carbon Alloyed Iron.
      • An increased thermal capacity property allows the rotor to handle constant extremes of heat over extended periods of time.
      • Special formulation designed to respond to DBA’s TSP process.
      • Prolongs the service life of the disc rotor.
      Kangaroo Paw – 144 diamond and teardrop pillar ventilation system.
      • Increased surface area resulting in greater heat dissipation.
      • Increased surface area resulting in greater heat dissipation.
      • Minimises brake fade and increases braking effectiveness.
      • Prolongs service life for both pads and rotors.
      • Reduces mechanical damage and associated costs.
      Thermal Stability Profiling (TSP).
      • Stabilises the natural rotor stresses by realigning the microstructure of the iron.
      • Minimises warping and cracking and prolongs the service life of the rotor.
      Thermo-graphic paint markings (THGP).
      • Heat paint markings change colour at specific temperature thresholds.
      • When temperature thresholds are exceeded paint markings will permanently change colour.
      • Offers the driver a clear indication of peak braking temperatures.
      • Allows the driver to monitor rotor fatigue and decide on rotor replacement and to assist resellers with warranty claims.