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      DBA Direct Replacement:

      DBA’s Street Series Direct Replacement rotors are the perfect option for users looking for a direct OE replacement disc rotor that is built using the highest quality manufacturing processes and proven safety, thanks to DBA’s over 40 years’ experience in brake rotors.

      DBA utilises a CBN (Cubic Boron Nitride) machine turned finish on the friction surface for improved DTV (Disc Thickness Variation) and parallelism.

      This provides a more dimensionally precise and stable surface finish when compared to ‘ground’ finished rotors.

      DBA gives you 100% confidence in fitment every time, not a cheap inferior alternative!


      • Front and Rear discs are different - please select the correct disc when ordering.
      • Discs are sold individually, For a pair please order 2.
      • Street Series direct replacement rotors do not have a suffix in Street Series part numbers.


      • Direct replacement suitability.
      • Moisture proof corrosion protection packaging.
      • Kangaroo Paw Ventilation System:
        • Increased surface area resulting in greater heat dissipation.
        • Increased surface area resulting in greater heat dissipation.
        • Minimises brake fade and increases braking effectiveness.
        • Prolongs service life for both pads and rotors.
        • Reduces mechanical damage and associated costs.